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CodeLook Service

Due to the popularity of the free components as well as the commercial components and their wide-spread use, many users contacted us about the availability of the source code for these components. Reasons ranged from being simply interested in how they were created to business needs to have source code in-house for software they use.

The following components are part of the CodeLook package:

  • AspTear 1.2
  • OdbcRegTool 2.0
  • Euro Conversion Component 1.0
  • Xtensible Shopping Bag 1.0
  • FileCache 2.0
  • VersionInfo Component 1.1
  • ASP Profiling Component 1.1
  • AspQPerfCounters Component 1.0
  • AspEventlog 2.0
  • AspEventViewer 1.0
  • Locale Formatter 1.0

When we update one of the components, registered CodeLook customers are able to download the updated code from this site. New components are added at our sole discretion.

Availability and Pricing

The CodeLook package is available for 295 € + VAT*. You can order the CodeLook Service online at the ShareIt registration site (Program number is 106960). Buy Now

When your order has been processed (usually within one business day), you receive an email with username and password to gain access to the Download area where you get the CodeLook package as well as Updates to it.

Before you can download the code, you have to agree to the CodeLook Agreement. Please read it before ordering from ShareIt.

VAT (Value Added Tax, also referred to as sales tax in the US) is applicable only for customers in European Union. Customers from the US and anywhere else are exempt.

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