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AspTear 1.50 Component

Welcome to the commercial version of AspTear, the component for tearing Web pages off Web servers. The component supports many functions, with the highlights being:

  • Retrieval of documents as strings
  • Immediate saving to disk (*)
  • Extensive SSL support (*)
  • Proxy Server support (*)
  • Page caching (*)
  • Redirection support (*)
  • Extended cookie functionality (*)

(*): This feature is not available in the free version


You can check out the documentation online by following this link. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must have ActiveX controls enabled (the documentation is based on the HTML Help system). For Netscape users, a special version using Java applets is available too.

Download and Installation

You can download a fully functional 15 day evaluation of AspTear 1.50. When you decide to buy AspTear, then this time-limited evaluation version can be converted to the full version.

AspTear is packaged for the Windows Installer Service. To be able to install the package, you need to have the Windows Installer Service running on your computer. Windows 2000 and Office 2000 automatically install it, if you don't have any of these, then you first must install the Installer Service:

Now you can download the Installer package for AspTear, which is only 330KB in size. After downloading, simply double-click on the package to start the installation process. If you encounter problems with the package, then please report them to


Upgrading from AspTear 1.2.x to 1.50 is free of charge. However, you have to request new license keys, because version 1.50 uses a different licensing scheme. To receive a key for 1.50, please send an email to with your original ShareIt! receipt or the registration name for your existing 1.2 installation.

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