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W3Info Object - free

Last updated: 09/23/97, Initial Release

Thank you for your interest in the free W3Info Object you can use with IIS 3.0/ASP upwards (also in any other Automation environment). What can this object do for you? It queries remote servers for the server software installed, default document of the base location as well as retrieves the HTTP version used by the Web server on the remote location.


The code for the w3info.asp page shows how to use this object (all properties and methods are shown in this page). The following properties are exposed: ServerSoftware, ContentLocation, HTTPVer and CurrentServerTime. All of these properties return strings and can't be set. The property ServerURL is intended to be set (the server's IP address or host name, not including http:// or any document name) before a call to the only method, QueryServer, which initiates the information gathering.

Sample output generated by w3info.asp:

Server software: Microsoft-IIS/4.0 Beta 2
Base Content Location:
HTTP Version of Server: HTTP/1.1
Request Time: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:14:49 GMT


Follow these steps to install the W3Info Object on your IIS Server computer:

  1. Download the component (includes the sample w3info.asp page) 11.8 KB
  2. UnZIP the file in a directory of your choice
  3. Run "regsvr32 ServerInfo.dll" to register the component on your server system. After doing this, you can use the W3Info Object. Try it by opening the w3info.asp page - this page contains all programming information you will need.



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