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FAQ: Can I turn off page caching in AspTear 1.0?

The free version of AspTear (release 1.0) automatically caches pages. You cannot turn off this behavior. A workaround is to append changing query strings to the request to always force a roundtrip to the server:

strFakePayload = "ForceReload=" & Server.UrlEncode(Now())
' URL, action, payload, filename, username, password
strResult = xobj.Retrieve(strUrl, Request_POST, strFakePayload, "", "")

The commercial versions of AspTear (1.1 and higher) have a property to turn page caching off. All you have to do is to add the following statement to your code:

objAspTear.ForceReload = True

There is no need to create a fake payload to get updated pages from a server.

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