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FAQ: How do I upgrade Components on a Web server?

When you are upgrading components that run on a Web server, you have to keep in mind that IIS caches the object's class factory in memory to speed up object creation when ASP pages request an object. Therefore, if you upgrade a component while the Web server is running, ASP applications will continue to use the old object.

To circumvent this problem, you must first stop the entire Web services, using:

net stop iisadmin /y

This will also stop SMTP, FTP etc. (on IIS5, an automatic restart will be initiated).

Install the component with the setup application provided. Then, restart all required services:

net start w3svc

Note: In case of upgrading/reinstalling our components, you first should copy the Programname.lic file to a backup location. The reason is that setup might overwrite it with the evaluation key. When setup has finished, simply copy the lic file from the backup location over the newly installed one during setup. You don't need to re-register using reguser.exe.

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