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FAQ: What does the error "invalid keyword value pairs" mean?

Take a look at the following code:

Set xObj = Server.CreateObject("Softwing.OdbcRegTool") 
strDriver = "SQL Server" 
strDSN = "DSN=aDSN" & vbNullChar & "Description=My DSN" & vbNullChar
strDSN = strDSN & "Server=(local)" & vbNullChar & "User=sa" & _
	vbNullChar & "Pwd=" & vbNullChar
retval = xObj.CreateDSN(strDriver, strDSN)

This code will fail with the following error:

odbctool error 800a0008
invalid keyword value pairs

The error is generated because the current ODBC SQL Server driver does not support writing USER or PWD parameters to registry (for security reasons).

Generally, whenever you get this error, you are trying to create a DSN with a parameter (keyword) that is not supported by the driver. To find out which one is not supported, start removing parameters one at a time.

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