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FAQ: How can I install OdbcRegTool without using Setup or reguser.exe (ISP setup)?

A problem that usually comes up when you want to install a component on an ISP's Web server: ISP will accomodate the component's .dll, but won't run setup.exe or any other custom EXE (such as reguser.exe, which is required for registration).

To solve this problem, you can install OdbcRegTool on another machine and take odbctool.dll from the installation directory and ship the DLL to your ISP, which can register it using

regsvr32 odbctool.dll

Also tell the ISP to copy your license file (odbcregt.lic) into the same directory as odbctool.dll.

For the registration process, please copy and paste the following registry export script into a file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"OdbcRegTool 2.0"="your license name here"

Please change "your license name here" to the registration name you received via email.

In order to automatically import it, name it odbctool.reg. Simply double-clicking adds the necessary registry keys. If you don't want to take the risk of someone inadvertently double-clicking the file, name it with a different extension (.txt for example) and use the Import Registry File functionality of regedit.exe:

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