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FAQ: Which fixes are included in AspTear 1.2.5?

Note: AspTear 1.2.5 has been replaced by version 1.5

The most important fix is for the ConnectionTimeout property. Prior to this version, it did not work as expected. Note the following changes for AspTear 1.2.5:

  • ConnectionTimeout is specified in milliseconds
  • The minimum for ConnectionTimeout is 20 milliseconds (0.02 seconds)
  • You must have installed Internet Explorer 5.01 (Build 5.00.2919.6307 or later; Windows 2000 already ships with IE 5.01). No other installations are supported.

Type Library

The type library for AspTear is now contained in asptear.dll and need no longer be installed separately. It registers automatically during a call to regsvr32.exe (see installation instructions).

Head Requests

We have added this single new feature to AspTear 1.2.5. All you have to do is use a new parameter for Retrieve (instead of POST or GET):

Const Request_HEAD = 3

Please note that the only values returned are for the Headers property. The return value of Retrieve is an empty string.


  1. Download the ZIP file that contains version 1.2.5 (95KB)
  2. Extract the DLL to a location different from the current installation of AspTear.
  3. Close all applications that currently use AspTear. This includes the IIS Service. Please use the following DOS command: net stop iisadmin /y (Note: this also shuts down FTP, SMTP and NNTP)
  4. Copy the new DLL over the existing one.
  5. Run regsvr32.exe asptear.dll to register the type library that is now contained in AspTear.dll
  6. Restart all necessary applications, including Web Services: net start w3svc

Important If you haven't installed AspTear 1.2 previously using the Setup program, this procedure will fail.

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